Henrys Nursery

Done! So excited about Henrys room. I took all of nine months to complete and we cannot wait to have him home in it. I hope he enjoys it! All of the animals are my husbands animals from when he was a boy, and also the little antique rocking horse. Teh antique rug was purchased here at Caboose Antiques, which I had always looked at and thought, that could only worked in a little boys room...I said if I ever had a boy and that rug was still at the store, then I had to have it!
The painted bunnies were from an old Brunschwig & Fils wallpaper that I have had a clipping of for a long time. The changing table came from Pier One and when I purchase it, it was all black with four white stripes down the front, she gave it to me 50% off because the leg wouldnt screw in correctly...knowing I could have this fixed, I was SOLD! I had the mirror above the changing table already and just refinished it to make it work together. The rocking chair came from a friend of Christophers wonderful parents that used it when they had an 'itty bitty.'
Im most excited about his boat....I really wanted a canoe, but searched exhaustively before realizing unless I got lucky, Id be shelling out a ridiculous amount for it! Luckily, we found this boat in an antique store, all it needs is his name painted on it!
We are going to set up a tv behind the door with a 'swing arm' so that when he is old enough, he can get his 'Einstein' on...
The Wizard Of Oz books, that are in the bookcases have been in my family for a very long time. They are over 100 years old and were passed down to me from my grandmother. My great-grandmother would purchase the books, as soon as a new one came out. Im so glad I finally found a place for them. And when Henry discovered what crayons are, Im sure I will be locking them up soon! :)
I wanted some contemporary elements in here, but when I got started, I realized that contemporary just wouldnt fit, even in small doses. Oh well, Im sure Ill have one of my 'fits' in a few years and completely redo when hes about three or so! Or maybe when he has a little sibling on the way??? (Sorry, Im 37 1/2 week crazy talkin'!)...


  1. Love hearing the story of each item! Baby Henry will love the room! Can't wait for him to arrive!